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Garnet Tsavorite Gemstone

March 29, 2010 0 comment

garnet tsavorite gemstone

Exclusive summary about Garnet Tsavorite Gemstone by John Tidball

Tsavorite is a very modern gemstone, and it has two things in common with tanzanite: it too was found for the first time in East Africa in 1967, and was marketed by the Tiffany jewellery company of New York. Unlike tanzanite, tsavorite is a stunning green in colour, and is a member of the garnet family of gemstones, whereas tanzanite is blue and belongs to the zoisite family.

Why Tsavorite? Tsavorite is prized by gemologists for its brilliant green colour, and its lack of inclusions. Sapphires and rubies may be harder then tsavorite according to the Mohs scale, but tsavorite, like all garnets, is extremely resistant to cracking, and in terms of a lack of inclusions is one of the most stable of gemstones. Taking into consideration all of tsavorite's qualities, such as its beautiful green colour, exceptional brilliance, excellent wearing qualities and relatively reasonable price, it is little wonder that it has become one of the most popular gemstones available today.

The Many Colors of Garnet

Exclusive summary about Garnet Tsavorite Gemstone by Andrew Stratton

Magnesium, iron, chromium and aluminum give each garnet gemstone its unique shade of red or other color.

Ancient Greeks and Romans thought the deep red gem resembled a pomegranate seed because of its color and round shape. In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra wore the red gem probably thinking it was a ruby. Tanzania, Namibia and parts of South Africa are common mining locations. Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States also have gem deposits. A multitude of colors

Though the word garnet is tied to the word red, there are actually many different colors available. The most valuable gem is not even red, it is emerald green. The garnet is the official birthstone for January.

Whether the stone is emerald green or violet red, it makes a beautiful and versatile piece of jewelry. A garnet pendant set in silver or gold can be worn casually or with formal wear.

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Buying Estate Jewelry

March 24, 2010 0 comment

buying estate jewelry

Exclusive summary about Buying Estate Jewelry by Dee Karpuch

Estate jewelry is a great gift for anyone who appreciates antiques and fine jewelry of the past. Jewelry has always been very popular with many women but estate jewelry ads a sense of uniqueness and personal attachment to a certain piece or style of jewelry.

To know the difference is vital when purchasing estate jewelry that contains these rare stones. The biggest difference between natural gemstones and synthetic gemstones is their price.

Another major factor when purchasing vintage jewelry is to know the difference in a diamond. Knowing and understanding these factors can get you a quality diamond at a great price.

Most reputable dealers will also offer a great return policy as well as quality information about each fine piece of jewelry.

Enhance Your Fashion with Estate Jewelry

Exclusive summary about Estate Jewelry by Sher Matsen

Make your fashion statement! Estate jewelry is the perfect finishing touch to your wardrobe so doesn’t forget to compliment your look with jewelry!

Even the most conservative dresser can find a beautiful piece of estate jewelry that says loads about them. Show your personality with your jewelry. From the serious corporate executive to the sexy flirt there is an estate jewelry necklace or earrings for you!

Estate jewelry stays in style year after year. You can turn estate jewelry from sophisticated, to fun, too trendy. Mix and match color, style, shape, and size. And you simply cannot beat the quality of estate costume jewelry from the past.

Estate jewelry can be used to show your individual personality. We tend to think of our fashion statement as our hair style, the clothes we wear, the shoes and hand bag we carry. All types of estate jewelry are very flexible. Estate jewelry is available with a variety of base metals. Large pieces, dainty pieces.

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